The Big Day On a Budget



Six months ago, I started dating a boy in the Naval ROTC program here on campus. Before that, I was mostly clueless about military customs and traditions. Imagine my excitement when he asked me to my first military ball. I couldn’t wait to pick out my shoes, my jewelry, and most importantly, my dress. Now, six months later, this boy is my boyfriend. Although I’m still looking forward to the Navy balls to come, I have started to think about how much all of them are going to cost. How convenient would it be to have a website dedicated to dress exchanges?

Then I thought about all the dresses sitting in my closet. I have two homecoming dresses from my freshman and junior year of high school. I have one very expensive prom dress. And now, after the upcoming Navy ball, I will have two dresses that I can’t wear to future Navy balls. What a waste! Formal dresses are exorbitantly expensive, and we rarely wear them twice. It would be nice to get old dresses off of your hands and pay less for new ones.

If I had the resources, I would make a formal dress exchange website.

It would be called The Big Day, and it would primarily host dress exchanges. Anyone who registers with their PayPal account could buy, sell, or exchange dresses. The website would be split into sections by event: Wedding (with wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses), Prom, Homecoming, Military, and Work Formal. There would be a separate section for accessories: Jewelry, Shoes, and Purses. The site would function much like, where members can classify their items and “display” them in their own shop. Members would be able to buy and sell with confidence and know exactly what they are getting.

And the best part? Since the dresses would be used, the costs would be lessened.

A website like this would have appeal across a variety of age groups. This site would appeal to high school girls searching for the perfect prom dress, brides trying to save for their honeymoons, and professionals looking for a dress for a formal work event. Because of its wide appeal, it could probably generate a decent amount of advertising revenue. The site could even offer coupons for participating salons for hair styling, makeup, and mani/pedis. The more that I think about this idea, the more it strikes me as both a thrifty website and a revenue generator.

Maybe someday my dream will come to fruition. Until then, I’ll keep it in mind as I drive from dress shop to dress shop, looking for my next Navy ball dress.


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